Hi, my name is Miroslava Škultéty. I’m founder & CEO of Transformira, transformational coach and personal development guide.

I help busy career women to rediscover true happiness, satisfaction and meaningful purpose in life through transformational coaching and personal guidance.



Are you overwhelmed, exhausted, dissatisfied or even depressed?

I know how you feel. I'd been there as well.

Do you desire to be thriving instead of surviving?

Luckily I discovered the tools to breakthrough and transform my life on all levels which I now share with my clients.

Do you need reliable support to help you with fulfilling your dreams?

In the last 5 years I've helped women from all backgrounds to live their ideal lives.

If you answered at least once YES, I've got your back.

How I work with my clients:

STEP 1: Book a DISCOVERY SESSION - so that we can get to know each other better.

STEP 2: Attend the DISCOVERY SESSION - to see if and how I can help you.

STEP 3: Create a CUSTOMIZED PLAN together - to achieve your desired transformation in your life.

The women I coached shared with me that now thanks to working with me they:

😀 get up in the morning happy and looking forward to their day,

🤩 feel good in their own skin,

❤  love their life,

😘 savor deeper connections with their loved ones,

👍 enjoy their mission to serve as a caring, passionate and emphatic leader.


If you procrastinate and carry on living in that vicious cycle - what kind of toll it might take on you personally 😥? What might be the consequences in your life 🤒?

The truth is we don't know what we don't know. We can't see our own blind spots 🤨.

That's why, it's absolutely OK, even smart to ask for help and accept it 😉.




From overwhelm, dissatisfaction, exhaustion, depression...

...to happiness, satisfaction, inner fulfillment and meaningful purpose🌟.

Lucy, Czech Republic

For me 2021 started like no other year in my life. It was a tough period because I lost the most important man in my life. As a remedy for the loss I decided to focus on my work, not my emotions. At that time I did not realize that this would lay the foundations for my disease. After few months of hard work I started to feel some very unpleasant symptoms. I had noise in my ears, headache, I lost my concentration and motivation to work. Even simple things like doing household chores were suddenly hard for me. I visited several doctors and everyone told me – “You are OK, it’s all from stress.” They prescribed me some pills that did not help me. I was very desperate after two plus months with this situation. Even I had to stop working. It was absolutely impossible for me to meet with people and be a professional in my job. My boss in order to help me referred to me Miroslava Škultéty. His words were: "She’s helping people on a different level, when the classical medicine is powerless.” Of course I got in touch with her and chose the package called "TRANSFORMATIONAL BREAKTHROUGHS". Miroslava is a very nice, smart, smiley lady, with her it’s very easy to feel comfortable and start sharing. I was surprised of the results after our first session. The process she used with me was like a journey inside our body and our emotions. Suddenly I realized that everything is connected, our thoughts, fears, feelings, they define our personality, our mood and physical health. In the end of the first session I felt for the first time after six months light and faith that I will overcome this with her help. Within 8 weeks of our cooperation and a guidance from Miroslava I got my life back. Even now I continue to apply many things in my daily routine to find the physical and mental balance. I am so thankful that I have found her. Everyone can heal and transform their life with Miroslava’s professional and most importantly effective help.

Milena, Bulgaria

I'm so grateful for the cooperation with Miroslava. She helped me with my personal development, with the processing of my childhood blocks, to become a more loving mother who has an understanding for her children and can raise them with love. Miroslava uses many creative techniques. Every session from "INTENSIVE TRANSFORMATION PACKAGE" was different, dynamic, motivating. I'm always looking forward to the next session. I recommend cooperation with Miroslava to anyone who needs to move further in their life and is interested in improving the quality of life as well.

Martina, Slovak Republic

In 2020 I set out on a great path with Miroslava to success and self-love. I invested in "TRANSFORMATIONAL BREAKTHROUGHS PACKAGE" and it was so worth it! I'm fulfilling my dreams because they're now suddenly achievable. The most important thing is that I'm finally living a happier and more meaningful life. I know that these are abstract concepts. And yet it's still even unbelievable to me too, that it's real. However, the results speak for themselves. Miroslava's charm for me lies in the unique communication, manifestation of her life and professional knowledge from the world of personal development and spiritual growth, as well as understanding the power of the emotions influence and forgiveness on our lives. She is a person who will pull you out of bed at 5:00 a.m. - by the way - which you will do with maximum love, happiness and willingness, while she is still sleeping in her bed 3000 km from you. This also is one of the results of Miroslava's work with me to fulfill my dreams and goals.

Erica, Slovakia

I’ve had my share of adventures with all kinds of therapists, consultants and coaches. Some of them were terrible, some of them "meh", some of them really good. But among the crowd one really stood out - Miroslava. In one brief session ("TRANSFORMATIONAL DIALOGUE") we made more progress than I’d made with my regular therapist throughout the entire year. And my therapist is one of the better ones. Mirka showed me 2 simple exercises that basically changed my life. Now I do them every time I feel stuck and they really help me get the results I desire. I’m looking forward to talking to her again, and you should too.

Evita, Slovak Republic